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Budgetary Control

What is Budgetary ControlBudgetary Control Is the process by which financial control is exercised within an organization. Budget for income/expenditure are prepared in advance and then compared with actual performance to establish any variances. What is the purpose...

Creating a business plan

What is a business plan?A business plan is a written document that is a guide and a roadmap. It describes in detail how a business defines its objectives and how it will achieve its goals. The business plan...

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Sole Trader Starter Offer

Who is this service for?

All you need to set up as a Sole Trader, from only R2000 per month. Package includes Income Tax Return, Income Tax Registration, Registration of a Business Name, and a premium subscription to Xero accounting software.

Who is this service for?

This service is for Sole Traders who have started trading in the last 6 months. Or for those who want to register as a Sole Trader. Based on turnover of up to R500,000.

What’s included in this service?

  • Registration of Business Name
  • Income Tax Registration
  • Annual Compliance – Income Tax Return

What to expect after purchasing our service?

Receive a quotation for this service. We need to know what your turnover is, how long you’ve been trading and what percentage of your transactions is cash. Contact us now and we’ll send you a quote today.


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